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Research at the Department of Chemistry

Key research in the Department of Chemistry focuses on issues that affect the environment. Researchers are working on the creation of new energy efficient and environmentally friendly batteries; figuring out the impact nanoparticles have on the environment; and capturing excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These are just some of our scientists' important research initiatives.

Research News

November 24, 2015
First time ever: cryptand-encapsulated Co–O–Co unit
Minnesota researchers and others have, for the first time, isolated and characterized a unique linear Co-O-Co core encapsulated inside a cryptand ligand. Read More

November 20, 2015
New synthetic method enables substrate recognition by enzyme
Research into a new synthetic method for the synthesis of peptides containing C-Terminal cysteine esters is featured on the November 20, 2015, cover of the Journal of Organic Chemistry. Read More


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