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About Us

Since 1989 a group of about 40 undergraduate and graduate Chemistry students at the University of Minnesota have participated in outreach activities. The program was first developed by Professor Lou Pignolet and is now under the direction of Professor Ken Leopold. We do chemistry demonstrations and discuss chemistry careers in local elementary, junior high, and senior high school classes and at larger events such as the Science Museum of Minnesota and the works, local PTA meetings, the State Fair, and Chemistry Day at the University. Demonstrations include a number of interesting chemistry can be adapted to provide experiments which illustrate various important principles. Several of the demonstrations provide hands-on experiments for up to 30 students. There are also prepared materials which help in the understanding of the demonstration without the use of chemical symbols and formulas for students who have not had coursework in chemistry. The level of discussion is increased as appropriate for more advanced students and career information is added. The department also provides materials and advice to teachers.



  • Show chemistry is fun and that anyone can do chemistry
  • Show that there are numerous career opportunities in chemistry related fields
  • Improve contacts between University and K-12 science teachers
  • Inspire University Chemistry students to become educators

Contact Us:

Prof. Ken Leopold
Chemistry Outreach Program
University of Minnesota--Twin Cities
Department of Chemistry
207 Pleasant Street SE, 135 Smith Hall
Minneapolis, MN 55455
(612) 625-6072


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