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Science is fun, interesting, important, and something that you, too, can do. Those are the central themes of the Department of Chemistry's outreach programs, which are designed to spark young people's interest in chemistry, and to help young people see themselves as future college students, researchers, professors, and science professionals.

Recent Outreach Events

January 17, 2014
Energy and U: 'They were so excited about energy and science'
Explosions, flames, rock music and screaming gummy bears—they’re all part of a unique and fun outreach program—Energy and U—that aims to interest elementary school students in science. Read More

January 7, 2014
January Energy and U brings 5,000 young people to campus
With screaming gummy bears, flames and rock music, the popular Energy and U program will aim to ignite young people's interest in science, January 13-17. More than 5,000 students are expected to attend. Read More


Some of the Department of Chemistry's educational and fun outreach programs include:

Additional Outreach

The following programs are not organized by the Department of Chemistry; however, a number of our professors and students volunteer their time to help with these outreach activities. For additional information, click on the links below:

Outreach from the College of Science & Engineering

The College of Science & Engineering, which includes the Department of Chemistry, has a number of outreach programs for young people of all ages. For additional information, go to College of Science & Engineering.