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Oct 30, 2002

    Clusters and the Solid State:Probing the Connection for Gallium Nitride

    Correlating the properties and structures of isolated molecules and solid state materials remains an important goal in science, especially as it involves structures with dimensions on the scale of 1 - 100 nm.  There has been much work in synthesizing nanocrystalline GaN that would lead to a systematic increase in the bandgap of this s-delocalized electronic structure.Although some size control has been achieved, these methods produce a wide distribution in particle sizes making meaningful measurements of optical properties difficult. An alternative method is to synthesize ever-larger, molecular clusters in which RGa and R'N moieties form a framework of Ga-N bonds.

    Towards this goal graduate student Bing Luo, working with Professor Wayne L. Gladfelter, developed a mild route to large Ga-N clusters, two of which are shown in Figure 1 and 2.The structural relationship among these two new gallium imido clusters, hexameric prismatic structures, higher oligomers and the solid state structure of hexagonal GaN is represented in Figure 3. The gallazine ring, (RGa)3(NR')3, is highlighted as being the common building block.  This work will be published in an upcoming issue of Inorganic Chemistry.

    Figure 1

    Figure 2

    Figure 3

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