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Summer Research Opportunities

Chemistry at the University of Minnesota

Directed Studies
Registration in Directed Studies (Chem 2094 or 4094) can be used to satisfy various requirements depending on the college you are enrolled in. There is no pay connected with this work, but it gives students excellent laboratory experience.

The Heisig/Gleysteen Chemistry Summer Research Program is designed to encourage current majors in chemistry at the University of Minnesota to learn more about research in chemistry and provide them with the opportunity to work in a lab under the direction of a faculty member.

The Department of Chemistry of the University of Minnesota sponsors a summer research program for outstanding undergraduate students. The Lando/NSF Chemistry Summer Research Program encourages students in the chemical sciences to learn more about research in chemistry and provide them with the opportunity to work in a lab under the direction of a faculty member. Currently support for this program comes from a combination of University and National Science Foundation (NSF-REU) sources. Applications are accepted from those presently in their sophomore or junior year of undergraduate study in chemistry or closely related fields. Chemistry Summer Research Fellows will be selected in a national competition. U of MN-TC Chemistry majors should not apply for the Lando but should apply instead for the Heisig/Gleysteen Summer Research Program.

The University of Minnesota's Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (UMN MRSEC) is an innovative program that fosters a creative, interdisciplinary approach to materials research, interlocking faculty and students from seven departments in a pursuit that addresses the meticulous control of composition, structure, and properties in advanced materials. Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) fellowships are awarded to undergraduates from four-year colleges and universities for participation in a ten-week summer program designed to provide unique research experiences, professional development, and increased awareness of materials science and engineering.

Scientific Computing and Graphics Summer Internship
The Supercomputing Institute for Digital Simulation and Advanced Computation is pleased to announce an Undergraduate Internship Program for undergraduate students. The focus of the program is the application of computational approaches and visualization methods to supercomputing research. This includes digital simulation and advanced computation and all aspects of high-performance computing and scientific modeling and simulation as well as graphics, visualization, informatics, and high-performance network communications. Interns work with faculty members and their research groups on projects from a wide variety of disciplines. This research involves the use of high-performance computing environments to address problems in science and engineering that could not otherwise be attempted. This program provides an opportunity for a challenging and enriching educational experience for undergraduate students interested in pursuing graduate or professional education.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program is a program allowing University of Minnesota students to work in conjunction with faculty on faculty research. Financial awards to undergraduates for research, scholarly, or creative projects include stipends and/or expense allowances. Particular attention should be paid to the deadlines for applications. Students have had a high probability for success in receiving UROP support.

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.