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55th Experimental NMR Conference 17 March 2014

55th ENC in BostonAt the 55-th ENC meeting in Boston the Veglia lab will be presenting the following posters:

Atul: Optimal conformational dynamics underlie allostery and catalysis.
Gopinath: Probing site specific conformational dynamics in proteins using DUMAS solid-state NMR spectroscopy.
Jonggul: Allosteric signaling through hydrophobic spines in protein kinase A.
Vitaly: Mapping enzymatic states of a 110 kDa membrane protein by thiol chemistry.

CONCISE statistical analysis of chemical shifts 10 March 2014

Probability distributionsUnderstanding how the equilibrium among conformational states is altered upon ligand binding, interaction with other binding partners, and/or mutations and post-translational modifications is of critical importance for explaining allosteric signaling in proteins. A paper by Alessandro Cembran et al. describes the CONCISE statistical analysis of chemical shifts, which measures the population shifts and collectiveness of protein response associated with ligand titrations or mutations. At the core of the method is the use of Principal Component Analysis to identify the chemical shift component that is sensitive to the conformational equilibrium and separate it from the noise.


Manu Subrahmanian joins the lab 27 February 2014

Manu Veliparambil SubrahmanianManu Subrahmanian joined the Veglia group as a new postdoc. Manu obtained his doctorate from the Indian Institute of Science working with Dr. Anil Kumar. His expertise is spin physics.


Kaustubh's Ph. D. defense 20 February 2014

Kaustubh in San FranciscoKaustubh Mote successfully defended his doctorate dissertation "Structural characterization of sarcolipin by solid state NMR and investigation of its role in the regulation of SR-Ca2+-ATPase". Kaustubh will continue his research career at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Hyderabad, India.
Congratulations, Dr. Mote!


Biophysical Society meeting 07 February 2013

Biophysical SocietyAt the 58-th annual meeting of the Biophysical Society in San Francisco the Veglia lab will be presenting the following posters:

  • Feb 18, Tuesday
    Alysha: The mechanism of uncoupling ATP hydrolysis and calcium transport in SERCA by sarcolipin.
    Kailey: Tunable regulation of the SERCA/phospholamban complex by single-stranded DNA sequences.
    Sarah: Structure-function relationships of M124Q calmodulin, a mutant that mimics oxidative insults.
    Vitaly: Solid-state NMR structures of phospholamban or sarcolipin bound to calcium ATPase (SERCA) reveal the mode of inhibition.

  • Feb 19, Wednesday
    Alessandro: Quantitative interpretation of chemical shifts enables mapping proteins conformational landscape.
    Jonggul: Thermodynamic basis of the allosteric activation of protein kinase A.

  • Martin and Tina 13 January 2014

    Martin and TinaOn December 28th Martin and Tina got married in Skövde, Sweden. Congratulations from the Veglia lab!


    New book on biological solid-state NMR 6 January 2014

    Fa-An (Frank) ChaoA new book on biological solid-state NMR will soon be available. Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry and edited by Drs. Frances Separovic and Akira Naito it covers the diverse topics in the investigation of membrane active peptides and membrane proteins with an emphasis on employing solid-state NMR. It features a chapter on membrane protein phospholamban, written by the Veglia group.


    Frank's Ph. D. defense 17 December 2013

    Fa-An (Frank) ChaoFrank Chao successfully defended his doctoral dissertation titled "On the role of conformational dynamics in enzyme function". Frank has been utilizing solution NMR to probe the dynamics of an artificial enzyme ligase 10C as well as highly evolved protein kinase A.
    Congratulations, Dr. Chao!


    Dr. Veglia gives a talk at NHMFL 14 December 2013

    The PISEMA cakeGianluigi Veglia was a speaker at the TAC symposium at National High Field Magnetic Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida. The symposium was held to celebrate the work inspired by Dr. Timothy Cross on the occasion of his 60-th birthday.