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Compensated pulses 29 September 2015

Fidelity profile
In order to obtain high quality NMR spectra, it is essential to apply homogeneous radiofrequency throughout the NMR sample. It is not an easy task, as radiofrequency field strength changes along the sample volume, which combined with the fact that the radiofrequency pulses have a finite width can lead to the impefections in frequency domain.

In the paper published in J Magn Reson, Manu devised a set of radiofrequency pulses that have inbuilt compensation toward these effects, making the data collection more robust than with conventional techniques. The newly designed pulses serve as the basic blocks in the more complex pulse sequences, and will find an application in a variety of experiments.

The pulses can be downloaded here.

T.A. Award - Honorable Mention 10 September 2015

Geoffrey Li
Geoffrey Li received an Honorable Mention for the excellence in teaching for the 2014-2015 Academic Year by the Department of Chemistry. Geoffrey was the Teaching Assistant for the Physical Chemistry class.

Single-stranded DNA relieves SERCA inhibition by phospholamban 25 August 2015

Single-stranded DNA relieves SERCA inhibition by phospholamban
At the heart of the cardiac muscle contraction and relaxation lies calcium ion transport. It is regulated through reversible inhibition of calcium ATPase by phospholamban, and any abberrant behavior of this system leads to medical complications. In particular, suboptimal relief on inhibition makes heart muscle unable to relax, causing heart failure.

A joint discovery made by the research groups of Gianluigi Veglia, Michael Bowser (University of Minnesota) and Seth Robia (Loyola University Chicago) offers a way to combat such a condition through the introduction of single-stranded (but not double-stranded) DNA or non-coding RNA. Binding affinities between phospholamban and oligonucleotides were cross-validated through fluorescence polarization and affinity capillary electrophoresis, and the interaction hotspots were pinpointed by solid-state NMR.

The study published in Scientific Reports is co-authored by Kailey, Raffaello and Vitaly.

Jonggul's Ph. D. defense 30 July 2015

Jonggul Kim
Jonggul Kim successfully defended his doctorate dissertation "Protein dynamics and cooperativity in protein kinase A".
Congratulations, Dr. Kim!

EUROMAR 22 June 2015

At the 2015 EUROMAR conference, taking place in Prague (Czech Republic) Vitaly Vostrikov will present a poster "Solid-State NMR Investigation of Calcium ATPase (SERCA) Regulation by Transmembrane Proteins". The work is co-authored by Martin Gustavsson, Alessandro Cembran, Tata Gopinath and Gianluigi Veglia.

MNMR workshop 10 June 2015

MNMR workshopMinnesota NMR center is conducting a workshop on the theoretical and practical aspects of nuclear magnetic resonance with an emphasis on protein NMR. The detailed schedule can be found here. Members of the Veglia group will be giving the following lectures:

  • Gianluigi Veglia: Introduction to NMR theory.
  • Tata Gopinath: Product operator formalism and pulse sequence engineering.
  • Leanna McDonald: Sequential assignment and protein dynamics.
  • Jonggul Kim: Assignment of methyl groups of large proteins.
  • Vitaly Vostrikov: Protein structure calculation and aligned solid-state NMR of membrane proteins.

    Workshop photos are available on the MNMR Facebook page.

  • MNMR and Veglia lab featured on MPR News 04 June 2015

    MPR News
    A recent news article from Minnesota Public Radio reported on the potential effects of light rail on the highly sensitive equipment at the University of Minnesota. Gianluigi Veglia, the Director of Minnesota NMR Center, was among those interviewed.

    The NMR spectrometers operated by the Veglia lab were moved to the new facility in 2012 among the concerns of the light rail interference with the spectrometers.

    Hydrogen bond network in protein kinase A 02 June 2015

    Protein Kinase Fractionation Factors
    The activity and regulation of the ubiquitous signaling enzyme, protein kinase A, depend on its transition from open to closed state. Detecting the subtle rearrangement of the enzyme is a non-trivial challenge, and requires inventive techniques.

    In the Biochemistry paper, authored by Geoffrey, Atul and Jonggul in collaboration with scientists from UCSD, Veglia group reports on using equilibrium hydrogen/deuterium exchange (fractionation factors) in conjunction with NMR as a way to probe the hydrogen bonding network in protein kinase A along the enzymatic pathway.

    The non-invasive nature of the measurement allowed detecting the intricate allosteric pathways in the enzyme, inaccessible to other methods. This feat was further recognized by the editorial office, highlighting the paper in ACS Editors' Choice.

    Awards in the Veglia lab 28 May 2015

    Veglia lab logo
    Kailey Soller won the Women Chemists Committee/Eli Lilly Travel Grant.

    Geoffrey Li received Biophysical Society Travel Award.

    Sarah Nelson and Vitaly Vostrikov received Departmental Travel Grants. Vitaly also received Sigma-Aldrich Travel Award.

    Sarah Nelson was a recepient of Torske Klubben Graduate Fellowship, awarded to students who "show great promise of becoming leaders in their chosen profession".

    Vitaly Vostrikov won a Muscle Grant Fellowship (NIH 5T32AR007612-14), a training program in basic and translational muscle research aimed at helping "exceptional young scientists develop the intellectual and technical tools needed for productive careers as independent investigators and educators in muscle research".

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