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Template for Monthly Research Reports

General Guidelines for Safety and Laboratory Cleanliness

Standard Operating Procedures

Group Responsibilities

Last modified on March 27, 2014


Computers Ben/Pavlo
Left Glove Box (Vac) Dave/Reza
Right Glove Box (Vac) Gereon
Braun Glove Box Maria
Solvent system Ben
Chemical inventory Nicole
Gas tanks everyone
Safety officer Maria/Dave/Debanjan
UV-vis instruments Dave/Ben
Balances & vacuum oven Debanjan/Hongtu
GC-MS/FTIR Reza/Maria/Debanjan
ReactIR Maria
Lab Clean-Up Day Will/Nicole
EPR Dewar Gereon
Raman Dewar Dave
Literature Surveys Dave/Debanjan/Hongtu
Website Bill
Electrochemistry Nicole/Dave
Procurement Representative Nicole
Raman Spectroscopy Dave
EPR Spectroscopy Gereon/Ben
Large N2 dewar Dave/Ben


Monthly Written Research Reports

Send reports as email attachments (MSWord .doc file) to Bill by 5 pm on the due date. Also place copy in a folder labeled “Monthly Research Reports” on the terabyte back-up drive. Use template and embedded styles to prepare report, which is limited to 2 pages and 1-2 figures. Additional figure files may be sent in the email and loaded into the "Monthly Research Reports" folder, preferably in original file format (e.g., Kaleidagraph, CrystalMaker, ChemDraw rather than .tif or .jpg).

Spring, 2014

Due Date People
April 4 Ben, Pavlo, Will, Tom
April 11 Reza, Dave, Gereon
April 18 Maria, Debanjan, Alex
April 25 Hongtu, Nicole, Hanna
May 2 Ben, Pavlo, Will, Tom
May 9 Dave, Gereon
May 16 Maria, Debanjan, Alex
May 23 Hongtu, Nicole, Hanna
May 30 Ben, Pavlo
June 6 Dave, Gereon, Tom
June 13 Debanjan, Alex
June 20 Hongtu, Nicole, Hanna
June 27 Ben, Pavlo