Gagliardi Group Meetings/Seminars

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Seminars 2009/2010

July 16th h 16.00 Drew Koballa Literature Review
July 15th h 10.30 Everyone Update Meeting and Discussion
July 7th h 15.30 Everyone Literature Review
July 1st h 16.00 Everyone Update Meeting and Discussion
June 24th h 16.30 Everyone Update Meeting and Discussion
June 1th h 09.00 Everyone Update Meeting and Discussion
June 10th h 09.00 Everyone Update Meeting and Discussion
June 15th h 09.00 Abbas Mulla  
June 3rd h 09.00 Abbas Mulla  
May 27th h 09.00 Giovanni Li Manni  
May 21st h 09.00 Everyone Literature Review
May 12th h 09.00 Helena Masso  
April 29th h 08.00 Dylan Evans Modelling a Sodium-substituted Classic Cr-Cr System
April 22nd h 08.00 Francesco Aquilante DFT-type approach to strongly correlated systems
April 1st h 08.00 Allison Dzubak  
March 25th h 08.00 Drew Koballa  
March 18th h 08.00 Tanya Todorova Polymetallic Uranium Azide and Nitride Complexes
March 11th h 08.00 Giovanni Li Manni SplitCAS: Lowdin's Partitioning Technique applied to the CASSCF method
March 4th h 08.00 César Beuchat Adding water molecules to build a NEMO potential
February 25th h 08.00 Bess Vlaisavljevich Examining Unsupported Heterogeneous Metal-Metal bonding in the F-Bloc
February 18th h 08.00 Dongxia Ma We all Want a Happy Lucia
February 4th h 08.00 Everyone Literature Review
December 10th h 11.00 Bess Vlaisavljevich Analyzing Actinide Containing Systems: A CASSCF/CASPT2 Study of UP and PUP
December 3rd h 11.00 Allison Dzubak A study of intermolecular forces: reviewing pair and triplet contributions to the potential
November 25th h 10.15 Nora Planas Ru Complexes and Water Oxidation: hopefully, a good ending story
November 12th h 18.00 Abdul Rehaman Electronically Excited States: MS-RASPT2 vs MS-CASPT2
October 29th h 11.00 Bess Vlaisavljevich The CASSCF approach
October 22nd h 18.00 Cesar Beuchat Analytical Gradient Theory
October 8th h 17.00 Giovanni Li Manni and Francesco Aquilante (Geneva) Overview of RASSCF code. The GUGA approach
September 22nd h 10.00 Dongxia Ma (Minneapolis) Multiconfigurational Spin Tensor Electron Propagator method (MCSTEP): developments and applications
September 1th h 10.00 Abdul Rehaman CASPT2 and RASPT2
September 15th h 11.00 Giovanni LaMacchia Metal-Metal Multiple Bond again!

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