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			photo spring 2015
			photo spring 2015

Spring 2015

Back Row
1. Mingzhe Huang, 2. Russell Xu, 3. Zhongda Pan, 4. David Detloff, 5. Nick Serratore, 6. Grant Frost, 7. Nate Lawdenski
Front Row
1. Zhuoran Zhang, 2. Sadie Otte, 3. Sarah Wegwerth, 4. Chris Douglas, 5. Matt Eastwood, 6. Sarah Pound, 7. Shengyang Wang
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February 2015

Todd Hyster

Best wishes to alumnus Todd Hyster towards his upcoming tenure-track position at Princeton University.

Lafe Purvis passed his oral preliminary exam. (February 7)

January 2015

Zhuoran Zhang passed his oral preliminary exam. (January 27)

Undergraduate researchers Russell Xu, David Detloff, and Preston Bradley have joined the laboratory. Russell will be working with Sarah Pound, David with Sarah Wegwerth, and Preston with Sadie Otte.

December 2014

Chris and Sarah Pound host the group’s holiday party. (December 10)

November 2014

The group welcomes Shengyang Wang and Matt Eastwood as first-year graduate students. Shengyang joins us from Tongui University. Matt hails from MidAmerica Nazarene University. (November 24)

Giang Hoang, Zhongda Pan, and Jason Brethorst coauthor “Intramolecular oxyacylation of alkenes using a hydroxyl directing group” in The Journal of Organic Chemistry. (November 4)

October 2014

Group members celebrate Halloween with a potluck at the Douglas’s house. (October 31)

September 2014

I. M. Kolthoff’s contributions are designated as an ACS National Historic Chemical Landmark. Sadie Otte and Lafe Purvis assist with tours of the lab as part of the celebration. (September 12–13)

August 2014

The group welcomes Mingzhe Huang and Nate Lawdenski as undergraduate researchers. Nick Serratore and Zhuoran Zhang will be mentoring Nate and Mingzhe respectively.

Ashley Dreis defended her thesis, “Carbon–Carbon Sigma Bond Activation: Functionalizing C–C and C–CN Bonds via Carboacylation and Cyanoamidation.” Dr. Dreis will be moving to Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP to work on intellectual property. (August 25)

The group goes on an outing to Bwana Archery. (August 15)

Sadie Otte, Sarah Pound, Zhuoran Zhang, Lafe Purvis, Nick Serratore, Jason Brethorst, and Chris Douglas led a variety of hands‑on chemistry activites with preschoolers at Miniapple International Montessori. Read more. (August 13)

JULY 2014

Chris Douglas serves as a facilitator and mentor at the Cottrell Scholar Collaborative New Faculty Workshop hosted by the ACS in Washington DC. (July 31–August 2)

Dan Everson starts his new position at Saint Olaf College. (July 28)

Zhongda Pan presents his research at the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Graduate Student Research Symposium in Irvine, CA. (July 25–28)

The group celebrates with its third annual camping trip. (July 25–27)

Chris Douglas and Dr. Letitia Yao, director of the NMR facility, received a UMN Research Infrastructure Reinvestment Program Grant. Two new 400 MHz spectrometers will replace four aging instruments. (July 9)

Matt Eastwood, an incoming graduate student from MidAmerica Nazarene University, will be working with the Douglas Group for the summer. (July 8)

JUNE 2014

Naveen Rondla, Jodi Ogilvie, and Zhongda Pan coauthor "Palladium catalyzed intramolecular acylcyanation of alkenes using α‑iminonitriles" in Chemical Communications. (June 30)

Nick Serratore passed his oral exam. (June 27)

Sarah Wegwerth received a Bunsen and Beaker award for the best presentation in her section. (June 10)

Sarah Pound, Jason Brethorst, and Sarah Wegwerth presented their research at the Third Year Research Symposium. (June 10)

MAY 2014

Matt Bruzek and Billy Ogden presented their research at IPrime. (May 28)

Chris Douglas was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. (May 27)

Yong Guan will be a postdoctoral associate with the Nagorny Group, University of Michigan. (May 26)

Congratulations to Billy Ogden, who earned his B.S. in Chemistry and will be heading to the Department of Chemistry, University of California at Irvine. (May 16)

Congratulations to Dylan Walsh, who earned his B.E. in Chemical Engineering, B.S. in Chemistry, and minor in math. He will be headed to the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. (May 16)

Jodi Ogilvie will be a Chemical Hygiene Officer with University of Minnesota's Department of Environmental Health and Safety. (May 10)

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