The application of molecular recognition is a central topic in our research. We have reported on several new host-guest chemistry systems and their practical application for chemical sensing. We have broad intersts in analytical chemistry, materials science, and polymer chemistry.

Recent Publications

Toxicity of Silver Nanoparticles in the Environment: Natural Organic Matter Effects on Nanoparticle Stability and Dissolution, Gunsolus, I. L.; Mousavi, M. P. S.; Buhlmann, P., Haynes, C. L. submitted 11 August 2014.

  • Toxicity of Silver Nanoparticles in the Environment: Ag+ Binding to Natural Organic Matter, Mousavi, M. P. S.; Gunsolus, I. L.; Pérez de Jesús, C. E.; Haynes, C. L.; Buhlmann, P. submitted 11 August 2014.
  • In Situ Atomic Resolution Studies of the Electrode/Solution Interface By Electrochemical Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Thorgaard, S. N.; Buhlmann, P. in press.
  • Calibration-Free Ionophore-Based Ion-Selective Electrodes With a Co(II)/Co(III) Redox Couple-Based Solid Contact, Zou, X. U.; Zhen, X. V.; Cheong, J. H.; Bühlmann, P, Anal. Chem, in press.
  • Paper-Based Potentiometric Ion Sensing, Lan, W.; Zou, X. U.; Hamedi, M. M.; Hu, J.; Parolo, C.; Maxwell, E. J.; Bühlmann, P.; Whitesides, G. M. submitted May 2014.
    •  Ion-Selective Electrodes with Colloid-Imprinted Mesoporous Carbon as Solid Contact, Hu, J.; Zou, X. U.; Stein, A.; Bühlmann, P., Anall Chem. 2014, 86, 7111-7118
      • Ionic Liquid Reference Electrodes With a Well-Controlled Co(II)/Co(III) Redox Buffer as Solid Contact, Zou, X. U.; Chen, L. D.; Lai, C.-Z.; Bühlmann, P.,  Electroanalysis, in press
        • Paper-Based Reference Electrode and Potentiometric Ion Sensing, Wan, W.; Maxwell, E.; Parolo, C.; Bwambok, D.; Thuo, M.; Subramaniam, A.; Whitesides, G.; Zou, X.; Hu, J.; Buhlmann, P.  WO1 patent application 0042697.00391, April 2014.
          • Ion-selective electrodes and reference electrodes with a solid contact having mesoporous carbon, Hu, J.; Stein, A.; Buhlmann, P. , provisional US patent application 23 May 2014.
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Introdutory Tutorial on Ion-Selective Electrodes!

Philippe Buhlmann's and Li D. Chen's recent review and tutorial: Ion-Selective Electrodes With Ionophore-Doped Sensing Membranes covers topics essential for graduate students or others starting work in the field of ion selective electrodes. It also contains a review of recent work in this field.

A PDF can be downloaded here.

This review will be a chapter in the eight volume book series:

Supramolecular Chemistry: From Molecules to Nanomaterials