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ACS Graduate Student Symposium

The American Chemical Society (ACS) and the University of Minnesota are pleased to host the fall 2015 Graduate Student Symposium, "Academic Innovations for Tomorrow's Industries," at the 250th ACS National Meeting and Exposition in Boston, Massachusetts. This symposium will highlight how academia can use commercialization as a mechanism for bringing the rewards of research to the world. The invited speakers will discuss the research that lead to the establishment of their successful companies and the exciting recent advancements coming from their group

We are extremely excited to organize this event. Please continue to visit our website for updates as the conference approaches!

Graduate Student Symposium Updates

September 2014: We are proud to announce that Dr. Jonathan Sweedler is our final confirmed speaker.

August 2014: Committee Chair Lindsay Johnson, and Finance Chair Ben Neisen attend ACS National Meeting In San Francisco, CA.

July 2014: We are pleased to confirm Nobel Laureate Dr. Robert Grubbs, Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi, Dr. Daniel Nocera, Dr. Paula Hammond, Dr. Angela Belcher, and Dr. C. Grant Willson as speakers for our symposium!

June 2014: Dr. Buddy Ratner and Dr. Joseph DeSimone are our first two confirmed speakers!

May 2014: University of Washington's GSSPC selects the University of Minnesota to hold the next GSSPC!