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Metalloprotein Interest Group (MPIG) Seminar Schedule

Fall Semester 2014 Schedule
7 p.m., 117-119 Smith
(Kate & Michael Bárány Conference Room)

    Sept. 9 David Boyce (Tolman Group)
    Insights into the Structure and Reactivity of Copper Hydroxide Complexes through Ligand Design

    Oct. 14 Jai Prakash (Que Group)
    Twists and Turns in the Investigation of Oxoiron(IV) Complexes of Tetraalkylated Cyclams

    Nov. 11 Brent Rivard (Lipscomb Group)
    Rieske Oxygenases: Is There More than One Path to cis-Diols?

    Dec. 9 Jen Bigelow (Que Group)
    Hydrogen Atom Transfer Reactivity of TMC-based Iron(IV)-oxo Complexes

    Jan. 13 Randy Siedschlag (Lu Group)
    Dinitrogen Reduction Using Cobalt Catalysts

    Feb. 12, 2015 9:45 AM

    Professor J. Martin Bollinger

    Departments of Chemistry/Biochemistry &
    Molecular Biology
    Pennsylvania State University



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