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Metalloprotein Interest Group (MPIG) Seminar Schedule

Fall Semester 2015 Schedule

7 p.m., 117-119 Smith
(Kate & Michael Bárány Conference Room)


Sept. 8              No MPIG
Oct. 20*        Williamson Oloo (Que Group) 117 Smith          

On the Role of Peroxo Intermediates in Iron Catalyzed Hydrocarbon Oxidation Reactions Using H2O2

*date has been shifted to avoid a conflict with the Covestro Lectureship on Sustainability scheduled for Oct 13

Nov. 10          Gereon Yee (Tolman Group)
117 Smith              

Enhancing the Rate of HAT through Electronic Perturbations to the Cu(III)-OH Core

Dec. 8            Ryan Cammarota (Lu Group)        
117 Smith          

Tuning Nickel via Dative Bonds to Lewis Acidic Metalloligands

Jan. 12           Melanie Rogers (Lipscomb Group)
117 Smith          

Mechanistic Studies of Rieske Oxygenases

Feb.  9            Andrew Jasniewski (Que Group)
117 Smith          

Peroxalypse Now - A Journey Upriver to Investigate Structural Aspects of Oxygen Reacting between Two Irons in the Enzymatic Jungle





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