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Metalloprotein Interest Group (MPIG) Seminar Schedule

 Fall Semester 2014 Schedule
7 p.m., 117-119 Smith
(Kate & Michael Bárány Conference Room)


Feb. 11 Rahul Banerjee (Lipscomb Group)
117 Smith
Compound Q Revisited: Insight into the Catalytic Cycle of
Methane Oxidation

March 11 Alex Rudd (Lu Group)
117 Smith
Modulating Multielectron Redox Chemistry at Late Transition
Metal Centers by Using Lewis Acidic Ligands

April 8 Scott Kleespies (Que Group)
117 Smith
Identification of Novel Iron-Oxygen Intermediates by
Resonance Raman Spectroscopy

May 13 Evan Weitz (Pierre Group)
117 Smith
Fluorinated Metal Complexes as Contrast Agents for Magnetic
Resonance Imaging

June 17 Caleb Alpress (Que Group)
4 pm 117 Smith
Oxidative Aliphatic Carbon-Carbon Bond Cleavage Reactions

March 5, 4 pm Michael Marletta, Scripps Research Institute
2-137 JacH
April 16, 4 pm Ninian Blackburn, Oregon Health & Science University
2-137 JacH
April 17, 9:45 am Squire J. Booker, Penn State University
331 Smith
April 29 (time TBA) Frank Neese, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion



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