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The Center for Metals in Biocatalysis (CMB) brings together faculty and students from multiple departments at the University of Minnesota who share research interests focused on the catalytic role of metal ions in metalloproteins and synthetic model complexes. The design and use of metal complexes as biological probes and diagnostic agents is another related area of interest. The Metalloprotein Interest Group (MPIG) is made up of participants in the CMB, and meets regularly to discuss research advances. Interested students and faculty are encouraged to survey the list of participating faculty, research interests, recent publications, and the MPIG seminar schedule (links in the left panel).



Bioinorganic Headwaters
at the University
of Minnesota:
A Retrospective and Prospective in Honor of Larry Que


On August 1 students and colleagues of Larry Que from over the years and across the world gathered in Minneapolis for a well-attended symposium of their collective works. Speakers included

Andy Borovik (UC Irvine)
Miquel Costas (U of Girona)
Sheila David (UC Davis)
Mike Maroney (U Mass.)
Ken Karlin (Johns Hopkins)
John Lipscomb (UMN)
Eckard M√ľnck (CMU)
Ed Solomon (Stanford)
Bill Tolman (UMN)
Feifei Li (NM State)

The day-long event was capped with dinner at the Campus Club where Larry was honored on the occasion of his 65th birthday.


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