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Synthetic Methodologies (including large-scale synthesis)

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P001 Anju Mahajan Facile Synthesis of Novel, Orthogonally Protected Multifunctional Amino Acids.
P002 Hans-Jürgen Musiol Synthesis of b-(1-Azulenyl)-L-Alanine, a New Blue-Colored Tryptophan Analog, and Its Use in Peptide Synthesis.
P003 Dewey G. McCafferty Synthesis of (2S,4R) 4-Aminoethyl-L-Proline and (2S,4R) 4-Carboxymethyl-L-Proline From (2S,4R)-BOC-4-Hydroxyproline Methyl Ester.
P004 Makoto Tamaki Asymmetric Synthesis of Constrained Proline Derivatives.
P005 Günter Knaup L-Homoserine Peptides and 3-Amino-2-Pyrrolidinones.
P006 Dan Fishlock Synthesis of N-Protected N-Methyl Serine and N-Methyl Threonine.
P007 Guigen Li Asymmetric Synthesis of Unusual b-Amino Acids via a Novel Ytterbium (III) Triflate-Catalyzed Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation.
P008 Chaozhong Cai An Efficient Approach to Enantiomerically Pure Poly-Substituted Glutamic Acids via Asymmetric Michael Addition Reactions between Nucleophilic Equivalents of Gly and Chiral Oxazolidinone-Derived a,b-Unsaturated Carboxylic Acids.
P009 Vadim A. Soloshonok Highly Diastereoselective Synthesis of b-Substituted Glutamic Acids Via Michael Addition Reactions of Chiral Equivalents of Gly and Ala.
P010 Elena Muray Enantioselective Synthesis of Cyclopropane and Cyclobutane b-Amino Acids and Derivatives.
P011 Wei Qiu Stereoselective Synthesis of Conformationally Constrained Dipeptide Mimetics.
P012 Maria A. Bednarek Synthesis of Homo Aromatic a-Amino Acids.
P013 Luigi Longobardo New Synthetic Pathway for a Large Scale Homologation of a-Amino Acids.
P014 Paula M.T. Ferreira High Yield Synthesis of Heterocyclic b-Substituted Alanines.
P015 Byeong Moon Kim Synthesis and Conformation Studies of Novel, Optically Active and Conformationally-Constrained Unnatural Diamino Acid Derivatives.
P016 Anna Maria Papini Synthetic Pathways Leading to Protected 3,4-Didehydroornithine for SPPS Strategy.
P017 Sotir G. Zahariev A Highly Effective Method for Synthesis of Nw-Substituted Arginine Derivatives.
P018 Odile E. Levy Synthesis of Novel a-Hydroxy-b- Amino Acid and Peptidyl a-Ketoamide Derivatives Using the Passerini Reaction.
P019 Jean Martinez Synthesis of Silaproline, a Silicon-Containing Proline Surrogate.
P020 Yinglin Han Solid-Phase Synthesis of Substance P C-Terminal Hexapeptide Containing 1,4-Diazepine-3-One as a Dipeptidomimetic Element.
P021 Michael Chorev Synthesis of a Novel b-Turn Tripeptido-Mimetic.
P022 Sílvia M.M.A. Pereira-Lima New Developments on the Use of the Ugi Four-Component Condensation.
P023 Weonu Chweh N-4-Nitrophenylsulfonylethyloxycarbonyl (NSC) Amino Acid Fluorides.
P024 Cristina Carreño Nsc and Fmoc Na-Amino Protection for Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis: A Comparative Study.
P025 Yeon-Sun Lee Nsc- and Fmoc-Amino Acids for Automated Solid Phase Synthesis: Comparative Study of the Stability in Various Conditions.
P026 Hack-Joo Kim NSC Mediated Synthesis of Polyamides Containing Imidazole and Pyrrole Amino Acids.
P027 Preeti M. Balse Evaluation of New Base-Labile 2-(4-nitrophenyl)sulfonylethoxycarbonyl (Nsc)-Amino Acids for Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis.
P028 Jiaxi Xu A Facile Synthesis of N-Protected 1-Amino-Alkylphosphonate Mixed Diesters and N-Protected 1-Amino-Alkylphosphonamidates.
P029 Sheila D. Rushing Synthesis of Phosphonamides and Thiophosphonamides by a One-Pot Activation-Coupling-Oxidation Protocol.
P030 Saburo Aimoto Synthesis of Phosphorylated CRE BP1(19-106) Amide Using a Phosphopeptide Thioester Prepared Directly by an Fmoc Solid-Phase Method.
P031 Mark A. Jarosinski Preparation of Phosphohistidyl Peptides Via Oxidative Coupling of H-Phosphonates.
P032 Aydar N. Sabirov Nin-4-Nitrobenzenesulfonyl (NBS): A New Protective Group for Indole Moiety of Tryptophan.
P033 Vladmir V. Samukov 2-Phenylsulfonylethyl (PSE) Derived Base-Labile Protection for Side Chains of Amino Acids.
P034 R. Randy Wilhelm Evaluation of ivDde as a Quasi-Orthogonal Protecting Group for Fmoc Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis.
P035 Boris L. Pekelis A New Practical Synthesis of Na-Fmoc-L-Lysine.
P036 Lars G.J. Hammarström N'-tert-Butyloxycarbonyl-4-(Amino(9-Fluorenylmethyloxycarbonyl))-4-Carboxylic Acid. A Convenient Preparation of an Orthogonally Protected a,a-Disubstituted Amino Acid Analog of Lysine.
P037 Yasuhiro Nishiyama Cyclohexyl Ether as a New Hydroxy-Protecting Group for Serine and Threonine in Peptide Synthesis.
P038 Yasuhiro Nishiyama Racemization-Free Coupling Methods for Peptides Having N-Methylamino Acids at the Carboxy-Termini.
P039 James K. Blodgett Several New, Copper (II)-Containing Racemization Suppressors and their Use in Model Peptide Segment Coupling Reactions.
P040 M. Terêsa M. Miranda Racemization and Aggregation Studies in Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis at Elevated Temperature.
P041 Phillip W. Banda The Late Onset of Deprotection Difficulties in Long-Mer Syntheses.
P042 Aydar N. Sabirov Suppression of Succinimide Formation During Basic Deblocking Procedures by Sterically Hindered Protecting Group for Aspartic Acid.
P043 Matteo Villain Tryptophan Alkylation by Tmob Transfer From Protected Asn.
P044 Christopher J. Creighton A Mechanistic Study of an Unusual Amide Bond Scission.
P045 Kiyoshi Nokihara Systematic Studies on Structure-Dependent Modification of Met-Residues During TFA Cleavage.
P046 Paul David Semchuk Minimization of Side Reactions During Removal of the Formyl Protecting Group From the e-Amino Group of Lysine.
P047 Gergely Tóth Coupling Difficulties to Cyclic Aromatic Acids.
P048 Guoxia Han Diisopropylethylamine Salts of Protected Amino Acids--Direct Synthesis of Peptides on Solid Phase.
P049 Nathalie Thieriet Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis in the N à C Direction.
P050 Tatsuya Inui Synthesis of Amyloid b-Peptides: Segment Condensation of Sparingly Soluble Protected Peptides in Chloroform-Phenol Mixed Solvent.
P051 David John Dodsworth 2-Mercaptopyridone-1-Oxide-Based Uronium Salts: New Peptide Coupling Reagents.
P052 Hartmut F. Echner 1,3-Dimethyl-Tetrahydro-2(1-H)-Pyrimidinium Salts as New Coupling Reagents in Solid Phase Chemistry.
P053 Diana Besser Synthesis of Alternative Dipeptide Building Units and Their Use in Solid Phase Synthesis of Backbone Cyclic Peptides.
P054 Siegmund Reissmann Optimized Syntheses of Backbone Cyclic Peptides by the Use of Dipeptide Building Units with N-Carboxyalkyl- and N-Aminoalkyl Branching Chains.
P055 Jonathan A. Zerkowski Triazinyl Peptidomimetics as Building Blocks for Cyclamers.
P056 Ernest Merritt Solution Cyclic Peptide Synthesis and Characterization.
P057 Kenneth W. Funk Synthesis of Cyclic Hexapeptide Core of Antifungal Drug Candidates.
P058 Peteris Romanovskis Cyclic Peptides With a,a-Disubstituted Glycine Derivatives.
P059 Dongxia Wang Synthesis of Channel-Forming Cyclic Peptides.
P060 Annett Müller Modification of Cyclic RGD Peptides Using b-Homoamino Acids: Synthesis and Biological Activity.
P061 Balvinder S. Vig New Strategies for the Synthesis of Cyclic Dynorphin A Analogues.
P062 Peter M. Gitu The Use of Allyl (All) and Allyloxycarbonyl (Alloc) Protecting Groups in the Preparation of Cyclic Glucagon Analogues.
P063 Dirk T.S. Rijkers An Efficient Solid Phase Synthesis Strategy Including On-Resin Lactamization of Astressin and Its Retro-, Inverso- and Retro- Inverso Isomers as Corticotropin Releasing Factor Antagonists.
P064 Fernando Albericio Backbone Amide Linker (BAL) Methodology to Accommodate C-Terminal Hindered, Unreactive, and/or Sensitive Modifications.
P065 Knud J. Jensen Solid-Phase Synthesis of C-Terminal Peptide Aldehydes by a Backbone Amide Linker (BAL) Strategy.
P066 Hélène S. Gras-Masse A New Linker for the Synthesis of C-Terminal a-Oxo-aldehydes.
P067 Clifford L. Quan Synthesis of C-Terminal Biotinylated Peptides Using the BAL Linker.
P068 Kleomenis Barlos Solid Phase Synthesis of Peptides and Complex Organic Molecules Containing Thiol and Thioether Functions.
P069 Philip Mack New Polymer Functional Groups and Linkers for Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis.
P070 Dimitrios Gatos "Inverse Attachment" Solid Phase Synthesis of Mercapto Acids Containing Peptides.
P071 Marketa Rinnova Side Reactions During Photochemical Cleavage of a-Methyl-6-Nitroveratryl - Based Photolabile Linker.
P072 Alexander A. Kolobov Side Reactions During HF Treatment of Peptidyl-Thioester Resins.
P073 Vladimir V. Kalashnikov A New Family of Hydrophilic Tails for Hydrophobic Peptides: An Approach to Improve Solubility and Chromatographic Properties of Synthetic Peptides.
P074 Xiao-he Tong Solid Phase Synthesis of Aspartyl Aldehyde Peptides.
P075 Ian M. Eggleston N-Hydroxypeptides: Synthetic Studies and Application.
P076 Rosa Siciliano Synthesis, Characterization and Enzymatic Stability of b-Casomorphin Analogues.
P077 Michelle A. Schmidt Increased Serum Stability of Neurotensin Analogs Containing Arginine Mimics.
P078 Gábor K. Tóth Synthesis of Conformationally Constrained Peptides Via Solid-Phase Incorporation of the Constraints.
P079 D. Martin James Preparation of a High Specific Activity Tritiated Cyclic a-MSH Analogue: [D-Phe-3H]MT-II.
P080 D. Martin James The Preparation of Tritiated Peptides for Use in Scintillation Proximity Assay.
P081 Anthony W. Schmidt Use of Solid-Phase Ellman's Reagents to Mediate Formation of Disulfide Bridges in Wild-Type Bovine Pancreatic Trypsin Inhibitor (BPTI) and Two Analogues.
P082 Balazs Hargittai Application of Solid-Phase Ellman's Reagent for Preparation of Disulfide-Paired Isomers of a-Conotoxin SI.
P083 Ioana Annis Alternative Solid-Phase Reagents for Formation of Intramolecular Sulfur-Sulfur Bridges in Peptides Under Mild Conditions.
P084 Michelle A. Schmidt Automated Synthesis of Cyclic, Disulfide-Containing Peptides.
P085 R. Randy Wilhelm Comparison of Oxidation Methods in the Preparation of C-Terminal Cys-Containing Peptides.
P086 Martha Knight Application of 2-Substituted S-Xanthenyl Linker for Synthesis of Difficult Peptides with C-Terminal Cysteine.
P087 Paul R. Hansen Cysteine as Linker for Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis.
P088 Hernâni L.S. Maia Ca,a-Dialkylglycine Peptides for Semisynthetic Modification of Insulin.
P089 Gui-ling Tian Application of Hydrated Salt as a Source of Essential Water for Enzymatic Peptide Synthesis in Organic Media.
P090 Václav Cerovsky Peptide Amidase-Catalyzed C-Terminal Peptide Amidation in a Mixture of Organic Solvents.
P091 Irina V. Getun Extending the Utility of Subtilisin-Catalyzed Peptide Synthesis in Organic Solvents.
P092 Yan-Mei Li Hydrolysis of Amino Acid N-Heptyl Esters With Lipase From Newlase F.
P093 Natarajan Vijayasankaran Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) Based Expression Monitoring System for a Synthetic Elastomeric Polypeptide Gene.
P094 Stefan Vetter Phosphorylation of Serine Residues Affects the Conformation and Folding of a Calmodulin Binding Peptide.
P095 Hao Kuang Investigation of the Mechanism of Trans-Amination Performed by a Protein-Based Catalyst.
P096 Tamara A. Kale Photoaffinity Labeling Probes for the Study of Isoprenoid Recognition Sites.
P097 Stephen P. Powers Large Scale Synthesis of a 27-mer: Identification, Characterization and Suppression of a Diastereomer Contaminant.
P098 Bahram Hemmasi CF-SPPS of Guanylate Cyclase Activating Peptide (GCAP-II). Formation of Two Topological Isomers.
P099 Jaw-Kang Chang The Chemical Synthesis of Agouti-Related Protein Form C.
P100 W. Scott Dodson Chemical Synthesis and Characterization of the Hypothalamic Form of CART: CART(69-116) A New Anorectic Neuropeptide.
P101 Antonello Pessi Engineering and Chemical Synthesis of the HCV Protease Transmembrane Protein Cofactor NS4A.
P102 Chengwei Wu Metal Ion-Assisted Orthogonal Ligation of Two Unprotected Peptide Fragments in Semi- and Total Synthesis of Proteins.
P103 Philip E. Dawson Protein Synthesis by Conformationally-Assisted Ligation.
P104 Zhenwei Miao Orthogonal, Stereospecific and Cis-Enhanced Oxaproline Ligation of Unprotected Peptides.
P105 Chuan-Fa Liu Use of Orthogonal Ligation Methods for the Synthesis of Hetero Peptide Dendrimer.
P106 Jesper Brask Carboproteins: Chemoselective Ligation of Peptide Aldehydes to an a-D-Galactose Template.
P107 Oleg Melnyk Solid Phase Synthesis of Hydrazinopeptides. Usefulness for the Chemical Ligation of Unprotected Peptide Fragments and for the Synthesis of Unnatural Amino Acids.
P108 Lydia Seyfarth Complexation of Metal Ions by Linear and Cyclic Pseudopeptides.
P109 Masahiro Yoshiki Synthesis and Biological Activity of 2-[2,3-Cyclopropyl-Leucine]fMLP.
P110 Lajos Balaspiri Synthesis and Characterization of Some Segments of APP and Presenilins.
P111 Michael Mokotoff Caution Using 2-Iminothiolane as a Cross-Linking Agent for Peptides; The Formation of a Non-Thiol Cyclic Product with Bombesin (BN) Antagonist(D-TRP6,LEU13-y[CH2NH],PHE14)BN6-14 and D-TRP-GLN-TRP-NH2.
P112 Ashok Khatri Strategies for the Synthesis of Labeled Peptides.
P113 Petra Johannesson A Flexible Regioselective Method for Bicyclization of Peptides.


Late Posters in: Synthetic Methodologies (including large-scale synthesis)

P114 Claudio Vita Solid Phase Synthesis OfChemokine Derivatives. Development Of Unique Tools In Virology And Immunology Research.
P115 Jane C. Spetzler Synthesis Of Orthogonally Protected O-Amino-Serine And Its Application For The Preparation Of Peptide Dimers And Glycopeptides.
P116 John Anagli Structure-Function Analysis ofCalpain-Calpastatin Interaction.


Peptide Conjugates (including glycopeptides and phosphopeptides)

P141 Istvan Jablonkai Synthesis of Glycopeptide Modified IgE Epitopes.
P142 Leonid Kirnarsky Structural Comparison of a 15-Residue MUC1 Peptide and an O-Glycosylated Analogue.
P143 Jeffrey A. Borgia Synthesis and Application of a Glycopeptide Derived From the Proteoglycan Linkage Structure.
P144 Pasquale Ferranti O-Linked Oligosaccharides From Ovine k-Casein: Definition of Multiple Structures by High Resolution Chromatographic and Mass Spectrometric Methods.
P145 Yasuhiro Nishiyama Regioselective Conjugation of Chitosan with a Peptide Related to an Active Sequence of Laminin.
P146 Scott A. Mitchell The Synthesis of Several O-Glycopeptide Analogs of Enkephalin.
P147 Robert A. Falconer Lipoamino Acid Based Glycoconjugates for Peptide and Drug Delivery.
P148 Elena Nardi Influence of Different N-Linked Glycosyl Moiety at Position 31 of hMOG(30-50) on Anti-MOG Antibody Recognition in Multiple Sclerosis Patients.
P149 Paolo Ruzza Synthesis of FPmp and F2Pmp Containing Peptides Interacting with Src SH2-Domain.
P150 Kirk D. Beebe Identification of Specific Ligands for a Src Homology-2 (SH2) Domain of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase SHP-1 Through the Synthesis and Screening of a Synthetic Phosphopeptide Library.
P151 Pasquale Ferranti Anticariogenic Phosphopeptides are Markers of Milk and Cheese Quality.
P152 Haibo Xie The A-Factor Lipopeptide Pheromone of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae: Synthesis, Bioactivity and Biophysical Analyses of Position 4, 5 Analogs.
P153 Anna Maria Papini T-Cell Response to Lipoderivatives of Different MBP Peptide Antigens Correlates with Their Susceptibility to Peptidases.
P154 Dieter Kadereit Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Lipid Modified H-Ras Peptides.
P155 Yun-hua Ye Enzymatic Synthesis of N-Protected Amino Acid-Steroid Derivatives in Organic Solvent.
P156 John P. Malkinson Novel Lipoamino Acid and Liposaccharide Based Peptide Delivery System for Tumour Selective Somatostatin Analogues.
P157 Ganesan Balasundaram Synthesis of PNA-Peptide Conjugates and Their Interactions with DNA.
P158 Ettore Benedetti Fully Automated Synthesis of Peptide-Oligonucleotide Conjugates.
P159 Marta Planas Chemical Synthesis of Cyclic Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA)-Peptide Hybrids.
P160 David R. Corey Recognition of RNA and Duplex DNA Targets by Peptide Nucleic Acids in Cell Free Systems and Within Cells.
P161 Dirk Finsinger Anionic Peptide Polyethylene (PEG) Copolymers: A New Class of Non Viral Gene Transfer Vectors.
P162 Chuan-Fa Liu Chemoselective Ligation and Conjugation Approaches to the Site-Specific Pegylation of Synthetic Peptides.
P163 Hubert G. Gaertner Construction and Evaluation of AOP-RANTES Dimers Cross-Linked With PEGS of Different Size.
P164 Timothy P. Curran Synthesis and Characterization of Mono- and Bis-Alkynylpeptide Tungsten Complexes.
P165 Tracy J. Baker A New Approach to the Guanidinylation of Peptides and Peptidomimetics Including Aminoglycosides and Related Drugs.
P166 Mitsuru Haniu Biotinylation and Fluorescent Labeling of Synthetic CART.
P167 Michael C. Pirrung Preparation, Biological Activity, and Deprotection of N-Nitroveratryl- and N-Nitropiperonyl-N-Formylmethionylleucylphenylalanine (NV-FMLF and NP-FMLF): Caged Chemotactic Peptides.
P168 Michael F. Songster Orthogonal Methods for the Synthesis of Multiply Labeled Peptide Probes and Substrates.
P169 Rob Ruijtenbeek Solid Phase Synthesis of a Set of Peptide-Peptoid Hybrids to Investigate the Effect of Side Chain Position on Syk SH2 Domain Binding.


Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis and Combinatorial Methods

P197 Wolfgang E. Rapp Diffusion Phenomena and Reactivity Using Polymer Supports: A Principal Investigation.
P198 Arno F. Spatola Can Machine Learning and Combinatorial Chemistry Coexist? An Antimicrobial Peptide Case Study.
P199 Julio A. Camarero Studying Protein-Protein Interactions in Transcription Using Encoded Amino Acid Scanning.
P200 Thomas Hoeg-Jensen 4-Dimensional Peptide Synthesis on a Cholic Acid Scaffold.
P201 Joseph C. Kappel Methionine-based Linker for the Generation of Amine Libraries.
P202 Toru Okayama Design and Application of 4-Alkoxy-2-Hydroxybenzaldehyde Linker for Solid Phase Syntheses.
P203 T. Scott Yokum Preparation and Application of a Thioacetal Handle for Solid-Phase Synthesis.
P204 T. Scott Yokum Solid-Phase Syntheses of Libraries Derived From 2-Amino-4-Carboxy-Thiophenol Moiety.
P205 Andrea Basso Dendrimers in Solid Phase Organic Synthesis and Combinatorial Chemistry.
P206 Bi-Huang Hu Design, Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of a Peptidomimetic Library.
P207 Josue Alfaro-Lopez The Fine Tuning of High Affinity and Selective Non-Peptide Agonists of the d-Opioid Receptor via Solution and Solid-Phase Formats.
P208 Simon K. Shannon Solid-Phase Synthesis of Common Antiarrhythmic Drug Analogues Using Backbone Amide Linker (BAL) Anchoring.
P209 Robert M. Sanchez The Synthesis of Matrix Metalloprotease Inhibitor Libraries Using a Hybrid Parallel Mix/Split Approach.
P210 Jean-Paul Briand Solid-Phase Synthesis of N,N'-Unsymmetrically Substituted Ureas: Application to the Synthesis of Carbaza Peptides.
P211 Thomas Groth Backbone Amide Protection in the Solid-Phase Generation of Peptide Isosteres Derived From N-Terminal g-Aldehydes.
P212 Fahad Al-Obeidi Solid Phase Synthesis of 1,2,4-Oxadiazole-Derived Peptidomimetics.
P213 Carrie Haskell-Luevano Identification of Melanocortin-1 Receptor Selective Small Molecule Agonists.
P214 Gilles Guichard An Efficient Preparation of O-Succinimidyl Carbamate Derivatives From N-Protected b-Amino Acids. Application to the Synthesis of Urea Containing Pseudopeptides and Oligoureas.
P215 Nicholas G.W. Rose Solid Phase Synthesis of b-Substituted-b-Hydroxy-a-Amino Acids.
P216 Christoph Gibson Solid Phase Supported Syntheses of RGD-Mimetics Containing Aza-Peptides and Aza-Peptoides as Key Building Blocks Meeting the Requirements of Combinatorial Synthesis.
P217 Wolin Huang A New "Traceless" Solid-Phase Synthesis Strategy: Synthesis of Benzimidazole Libraries.
P218 Gang Liu Development of Novel Peptide Antibiotics for Vancomycin Resistant Infection Using the "One-Bead, One-Compound" Combinatorial Library Method.
P219 Adel Nefzi Combinatorial Chemistry: Solid Phase Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds From Modified Dipeptides.
P220 Anna Maria Papini Allyl Esters of Amino Acids Linked to Trityl-Resin by Their Side-Chain as Useful Starting Supports to Obtain Diketopiperazine Based Combinatorial Libraries.
P221 Marcin L. Stasiak Inhibition of a4b1 Integrin Receptor Interactions by Bicyclic b-Turn Mimetics.
P222 James W. Dattilo Combinatorial Libraries: The Usage of a b-Sheet Template with Diversity Points to Generate Libraries Using the IRORI Method.
P223 Gang Liu Efficient Cyclization of Peptide Library on Solid Phase by Lactam Formation Via the Side Chains.
P224 Lihu Yang Solid Phase Synthesis of "Head-to-Tail" Cyclic Peptides Using a Sulfonamide "Safety-Catch" Linker: The Cleavage by Cyclization Approach.
P225 Greg T. Bourne A Comparison of Different Linker Strategies for the Synthesis of Cyclic Peptide Libraries.
P226 Stefan Vetter "Inverse Alanine Scanning" - A Methodology to Characterize the Substrate Specificity of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases with 153 Pure Peptides.
P227 Holger Wenschuh High-Throughput Parallel Synthesis of Peptoids and Peptomers on Cellulose-Membranes.
P228 Michal Lebl Rapid Parallel Synthesis of 768 Betatides - Peptides Composed Solely of Beta-Amino Acids With Side Chains Not Found in Natural Peptides.
P229 Natàlia Reixach Identification of Inhibitors of b-Amyloid Neurotoxicity From Synthetic Combinatorial Libraries.
P230 Zhixiong Ye Use of Parallel Synthesis Single Compound Library for Rapid Identification of Potent Peptidomimetic Growth Hormone Secretagogues.


Late Posters in: Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis and Combinatorial Methods

P231 Hack-Joo Kim Novel Protocol of Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis Using N-2-(4-Nitrophenylsulfonyl) Ethoxy-carbonyl (NSC) Amino Acids.
P232 Ronald Frank A New Array Format For The Automated Parallel Combinatorial Synthesis By The Spot- Technique.
P232 Michael Baumann Combinatorial Peptide Synthesis, NMR-Aided Screening and Testing of Low Molecular RNA-Ligands.


Analytical and Biophysical Methods

P258 Elsa Locardi Receptor Bound Conformations of Integrin aIIbb3 Antagonists by 15N-Edited NMR Spectroscopy.
P259 Sharon D. Bryant 2D 1H NMR Analysis of Deltorphin C and Derivatives with High Affinity for Both d and m Opioid Receptors.
P260 Paolo Rovero Conformational Studies on Three Synthetic C-Terminal Fragments of the a Subunit of Gs Protein.
P261 Min Zhang 1H-NMR Structure of a Model 14-Residue Peptide Incorporating a Rigid, Helix-Stabilizing, (i, i+7)-Side-Chain Bridge.
P262 Feng-Di T. Lung Solution Structure and Dynamics of a Nonphosphorylated Cyclic Peptide Inhibitor for the GRB2 SH2 Domain.
P263 Li Zhang Conformational and Biological Effects of Methylated and Stereochemical Analogs of Threonine in Sandostatin-NH2
P264 Dyanne P. Brewer Conformational Analysis of the Antimicrobial Salivary Peptide Histatin 3.
P265 Deborah A. Kallick Determination of Specific Peptide-Micelle Interactions Using NMR Spectroscopy.
P266 Ding-Kwo Chang A Tetrapeptide Sequence LLRA Motif as a Helix Initiation Site: NMR and CD Evidence.
P267 Mark T. Zell Assignment Techniques for Understanding Polymorphism in Aspartame Using Solid-State NMR.
P268 Boris Arshava Biophysical Studies on a Transmembrane Peptide of the Yeast a-Factor Receptor Using Solid State NMR.
P269 S. Schreier Conformational Studies of Spin Labeled Bradykinin Analogues by CD and EPR Spectroscopy.
P270 Tam T.T. Bui TOAC -- Useful Probe in Peptide Conformational Characterisation by CD Spectroscopy.
P271 R.A. Gangani D. Silva Conformational Studies of Peptides Taken From Hairpin Sequences in the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) b Subunit With Optical Spectroscopy.
P272 Sean M. Decatur Measuring the Effects of N-Terminal Capping Groups on Helix Stability Via Isotope-Edited FTIR of Model Peptides.
P273 Frédéric Heitz Membrane Uptake of a Primary Amphipathic Vector Peptide: an AFM Study Coupled with FTIR and Monolayers Investigations.
P274 Koen Iterbeke Evaluation of the Metabolism of Neurotensin(8-13) Analogs in Human Plasma by Electrospray Mass Spectrometry.
P275 Ralf Hoffmann Analysis of a b-Aspartate Containing Glycopeptide Using Edman-Degradation and Post-Source Decay in Maldi Mass Spectrometry.
P276 John S. McMurray Fragmentation and Sequencing of Cyclic Peptides by MALDI-PSD Mass Spectrometry.
P277 Michelle L. Styles Gas Phase Studies of Amino Acids and Model Peptides Complexed to Biologically Significant Platinum Species.
P278 Shahnaz Ghassemi A New Strategy for Isolating Protected Amino Acid Library Mixtures Via Flash Chromatography.
P279 Shahnaz Ghassemi Purification of Blocked Peptides.
P280 Michael Li Reversed Phase Columns with Excellent Polypeptide Resolution in Low Concentrations of TFA and Acetic Acid.
P281 Paul Kostel Practical Aspects for the Development of a Reversed-Phase Analytical Method for Polypeptides.
P282 Paul Kostel Ion Exchange of Polypeptides: The Role of pH, Solvent and Column Length.
P283 Martha Knight Synthesis and Purification of the HIV-1 Viral Envelope GP41 Glycoprotein C-Terminal Fragment Peptide.
P284 Moira Lynch Purification and Validation of a Large Scale Synthetically Derived Protein Product.
P285 Rui Fang Design of Ligands for Affinity Purification of a-Interferon Based on Peptide Ligands Derived From a Phage-Display Peptide Library.
P286 Ulrich K. Blaschke Site Specific Introduction of Biophysical Probes into Recombinant Proteins.
P287 Claudio Toniolo Peptide Spacers in Fullerene(C60)-Based Donor-Acceptor Dyads.
P288 Maria Kempe Synthetic Oxytocin Receptors Prepared by Molecular Imprinting.
P289 Sanku Mallik Recognition of Carbonic Anhydrase by a Designed Metal Complex.
P290 Feng Wang A Simple Detection Method for Peptide Array Binding Assays.
P291 Ewa D. Marczak The Use of Adsorbed Enzymes for the Resolution of N-Protected Amino Acids.
P292 Brian Stall Novel Peptide Sequencing Using Maldi with Nested PSD.
P293 Andrea Piserchio Conformational Comparison to Two Kinins by NMR and Computer Simulation.


Late Posters in: Analytical and Biophysical Methods

P294 Vikram Gossain Protein And Peptide Variants Separation Using High Resolution, Pellicular Polymeric Ion Exchange Stationary Phases.
P295 Richard A. Kenley Orthogonal Hplc Methods For Quantitating Related Substances And Degradation Products OfPramlintide.
P296 Petr Jandik High Performance Anion Exchange Separations Of Non Derivatized Amino Acids And Sugars Using Pulsed Electrochemical Detection.
P297 B.A. Wallace Center For Protein And Membrane Structure And Dynamics.
P298 Ronald Frank Method For Determining Protein Kinase Substrate Specificities By The Phosphorylation Of Peptide Libraries On Beads, Phosphate Specific Staining, Automated Sorting, And Sequencing.
P299 Shou-Lin Chang Solution Structure ofComponent B From Methane Mono oxygenase Derived By Using Heteronuclear NMR And Molecular Modeling.
P300 Vladimir A. Daragan Molecular Motions Of An a-Helical Peptide From 13C & 15N NMR Relaxation.


Design and Folding

P320 Stanley C. Kwok Investigation of the Stability and Folding Determinants in the Conversion of Random Coil to a-Helix.
P321 Philip E. Dawson Backbone Interactions in Proteins: The a-Helix.
P322 Timothy A. Keiderling Thermal Unfolding of Helical Alanine Containing Peptides. Isotopic Labelling Yields Site-Specific Conformations With VCD.
P323 John W. Taylor Thermodynamic Analysis of the Helix-Coil Transition Studied Using Dicyclic, Helix-Stabilized Peptides: Effects of Osmolytes, TFE, and Peptide Chain Length.
P324 Darin L. Lee D-Amino Acid Destabilization Coefficients of Alpha-Helical Structure.
P325 Pilar Forns Induction of a-Helical Protein-Like Molecular Architecture by Mono- and Dialkyl Hydrocarbon Chains.
P326 Marco Crisma Peptide Folding Induced by Ca-Methylated, Chiral a-Amino Acids with a Long Aliphatic Side Chain.
P327 Stefano Pegoraro Synthesis and Biophysical Characterization of Highly Hydrophobic Trans-Membrane Peptides.
P328 YinLin Sha CD Evidence of a Peptide Ongoing a/b/Random Transition in Different Solutions.
P329 Natalia Carulla Design, Synthesis and Characterization of a Core Module of Bovine Pancreatic Trypsin Inhibitor.
P330 Michael W. Pennington Synthesis and Characterization of ShK Toxin Analogs Lacking One Disulfide Bond.
P331 Krishnan P. Nambiar Strain-Free Disulfide Bridge and Stabilization of b-Ribbon Structures in Short Peptides.
P332 YinLin Sha Designing b-Hairpin Peptide With a New Strategy.
P333 Kenneth S. Rotondi Investigating the Role of Turns in the Folding of a Primarily b-Sheet Protein.
P334 Krishnan P. Nambiar Design and Synthesis of a b-Turn Mimetic Containing Peptides.
P335 Seonggu Ro Torsion Angle Based Design of a b-I Turn Adopting Dipeptide (Ac-Aib-AzGly-NH2).
P336 Anders Berglund Conformational Analysis of Azaproline and Other Turn Inducers.
P337 Seonggu Ro Conformational Preference of Azaleucine in Peptides.
P338 Judith L. Flippen-Anderson Solid State Conformation of Serine3-DPDPE.
P339 Maria D'Alagni Synthesis, Structure and Conformational Study of N-Boc-Aib-Dehydro-Ala-L-Pro-OCH3 and N-Boc-Aib-L-Ala-L-Pro-OCH3.
P340 Ettore Benedetti Peptide Folding as a Result of the Incorporation of Large-Ring, Cycloaliphatic Ca,a-Disubstituted Glycines.
P341 Roger Acher Natural Shaping of Protein Domains: Folding and Processing of Neurohypophysial Preprohormones.
P342 Sándor Lovas Domain Movement in Analogs of Epidermal Growth Factor.
P343 Yihua Bruce Yu Rotamer Number Revealed as Another Parameter to Gauge the Quality of Packing in Folded Proteins.
P344 Mark L. Smythe The Side Chain Classification of Protein Loops From High Resolution Protein Crystal Structures.
P345 Douglas A. Scheftner Synthesis of Short Constrained Mimics of Peptide Double Helices.
P346 Roman A. Melnyk Interactions Between Transmembrane Helices Studied Using Model Hydrophobic Peptides.
P347 Brian Tripet Development of a New Method to Predict the Location and Stability of Coiled-Coil Regions Within Native Protein Sequences.
P348 Anthony W. Partridge Helix-Helix Interactions Within the Membrane Domain of the Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator (CFTR).
P349 Jennifer R. Litowski The Design of Heterodimeric Coiled-Coil Domains for Diagnostic Display Systems.
P350 Jennifer R. Litowski Design of a Heterodimeric Coiled-Coil Template for Displaying a Peptide Combinatorial Library on One Helical Strand.
P351 Toshiki Tanaka Metal Induced Assembly and Folding of a Triple Stranded a-Helical Peptide.
P352 Mark A. Danielson Contribution of Mainchain-Mainchain Hydrogen Bonds to the Conformational Stability of Triple-Helical Collagen.
P353 Lynn E. Bretscher Effect of Fluoro-Substituted Proline Residues on the Conformational Stability of Triple-Helical Collagen Mimics.
P354 Juliann Kwak The Assembly and Analysis of Collagen Mimetics on a Tris(2-Aminoethyl)Amine Template.
P355 Daniel Grell Symrop - Design of a Small Symmetrical Four-Helix Bundle.
P356 Diana Wallhorn Cavitand Templated De Novo Four-Helix Bundles.
P357 Jonas Nilsson HisH+-His Reactive Sites in Catalytic Four-Helix Bundle Catalysts.
P358 Cynthia L. Micklatcher Incorporation of a Catalytic Site in De Novo Designed Helical Bundle Proteins.
P359 Yi-An Lu Engineering b Tile-Like Peptide Antibiotics.
P360 Gregory V. Nikiforovich From Sequence to Conformation for TM Proteins: Modeling Bacteriorhodopsin Structures.
P361 Gregory V. Nikiforovich Cyclopentapeptides as Conformational Templates for Validating 3D Models of Pharmacophores.
P362 Amareth Lim Characterization of Betabellins 15D and 16D, Designed Beta-Sandwich Proteins Which Have Amyloidogenic Properties.
P363 Matthew J. Saderholm Engineering of Cysteine-Containing Variants of Quadrin and Deltoid, Two Proteins Containing the Oligomerization Site of the Hepatitis Delta Antigen.
P364 Qitao Yu Design and Synthesis of Salt-Insensitive Cyclic a-Defensins.
P365 Chuan-Fa Liu SPPS and Folding of the EGF-Like Domain of Neu Differentiation Factor (NDF-a/b).
P366 Jya-Wei Cheng Solution Structure and RNA Binding Activity of the N-Terminal Leucine-Repeat Region of Hepatitis Delta Antigen.
P367 Jung-Mo Ahn Design and Synthesis of Truncated and Conformationally Constricted Glucagon Analogues.
P368 Pernilla Korsgren Covalent Control of Polypeptide